Bitrue review: $1,036 sign up bonus & 40% invite commissions

Bitrue review – Here is my honest review on Bitrue. How i switched to Bitrue crypto exchange  and got sign up bonus with invite commissions.

First reason to move on Bitrue is couple of features like staking, power piggy. This features gives upto 20% interest rate per year on some coins which is 3x from bank returns.

Another big reason is low trading fees and easy to use interface. Place orders at market price , limits and trigger price. This is still challenging for lots crypto exchanges.

Trading fees is very big problem when you are doing intraday crypto trading. Fees deducts our high portion of profits because on every transaction fees deducts. If margin of fees low then good amount of profits can earn. This can be done via Bitrue only.

Apart from this, New users can get sign up bonus worth $1036 USDT. Massive bonus helps huge if you’re beginner in crypto market.

Bitrue review

As my experience i will share honest Bitrue review and why you should switch to this crypto exchange. Top 5 features we will discuss in this article.

1. Sign up bonus

From long time Bitrue giving upto $1036 sign up bonus rewards. This rewards is divided into some tasks which is too simple.

  1. Complete kyc verification and get $1 trial funds in futures.
  2. Make first deposit above $100 USDT and win upto $1000 ($20 trial funds in futures & $980 in investment)
  3. First future position on $1000 usdt & get $10 trial funds.
  4. Get $2 cash on first spot position on 1000 usdt.
  5. Make 30 days transaction volume above $5000 usdt and get $5 trial funds. Similarly on above $50,000 usdt, $10.
  6. All the rewards will credit in USDT coin.

To get sign up bonus, You need to use Bitrue referral code QTZLTET. Check that post and create account from the steps.

2. Invite commissions

Invite new friends on Bitrue through referral code and earn flat 40% commission on both spot and futures trading. Your friends can earn also sign up bonus rewards.

After login navigate to the profile icon and select Bitrue partners from drop down list. This is section where invite commission can manage. Simply copy referral link or code and share with friends. When your friends do trading flat 40% fees will earn in your usdt coins.

3. Staking

Staking is the option where stake money on any favorite coin and get guaranteed returns. Currently more than 201 million usdt already staked on Bitrue and more than $10 million rewards distributed and $1 million in BMAX.

Click on “Earn” tab from menu and select staking. Here check list of coins which are giving highest returns percentage in APY. Stake the money in coin and earn higher returns without doing anything.

4. Power piggy

Power piggy under daily interest rate can earn competitive rewards daily. It means daily interest will be added. There is no lockup period so invested amount can also withdraw anytime.

Simply visit power piggy option from menu. Select flexible or lockup tab >> coins and invest it. Daily rewards will be started adding to your account.

5. Crypto loan

Borrow money in your USDT, BTC, XRP or ETH crpyto coin. There is no delivery deadline but interest should pay daily. This allows you to continue to hold the rights to your digital currency while freeing up working capital for immediate projects.


This all top features available on single website and manage from one platform. Coins can be transfer from one product to another so without cashout invest in different options.

Bitrue Giveaway -Share Over 10 Billion Shiba Inu Tokens on Deposit $100

Prominent Singapore-based crypto exchange, Bitrue, has unveiled multiple promotional offers for Shiba Inu enthusiasts amid the launch of Shibarium.

Bitrue is running two promotions giving away 10 million and 10 Billion Shiba Inu.

Bitrue Giveaway -Share Over 10 Billion Shiba Inu Tokens on Deposit $100

10 Billion Shiba Inu Giveaway

Bitrue announced a magnificent Shiba Inu giveaway in a post on X. The exchange unveiled a 10 billion Shiba Inu bounty exclusive for Shibarium Carnival.

Shiba Inu enthusiasts have no special requirements to fulfill before participating in the ten billion bounty. Users are only expected to deposit any of the Shiba Inu ecosystem tokens on Bitrue and trade them.

The supported coins are SHIB, BONE, and Leash. The Crypto Basic reported that the exchange listed the Doge Killer LEASH about a month ago.

According to Bitrue, the promotion will run until the end of August, with new users getting double rewards for participation.

It is worth mentioning that the ten billion giveaway is only open to users who have completed the standard know-your-customer requirement. Additionally, market maker (MM) accounts are ineligible for the giveaway.

How to get $3000 sign-up bonus and participate in Bitrue giveaway?

Under this airdrop, Bitrue will credit free SEI tokens. Just you need to deposit money in SEI tokens and fill in the Google docs to confirm participation. Let’s come to the steps :

1. First of all, Create a new account if don’t have and earn 2x rewards in the airdrop. Don’t forget to use Bitrue referral code QTZLTET to grab a new user sign-up bonus.

2. Visit the rewards section and complete tasks one by one. The tasks can give up to $3000 sign-up bonus. If you are a crypto beginner then deposit at least $100 USDT to unlock $1000 grand prize.

3. Old users can start from this step. Deposit money in SEI tokens worth $100 or exchange from other coins.

4. Open the Participate link

5. Scroll below in the docs form and select Are you a new user or an existing user?

6. On the next field, Enter your Bitrue account registered email ID. And submit it.

Bitrue Airdrop (Free SEI Tokens Worth $20 on Deposit $100)

Bitrue airdrop  – Bitrue is popular for launching airdrops of new tokens. Similarly giving free SEI tokens worth $20 on deposit above $100 with new user sign up bonus.


The airdrop not limited for new user, even old user can participate and grab free SEI token in Bitrue account. Old users can grab $10. Offer valid on first serve first come basis, so don’t waste single minute after read this article.

Total $10,000 USDT worth SEI tokens will distributed after airdrop over. Previous xBMAX airdrop is still running so you can participate in both and earn 2x rewards.

Never seen crypto exchange which runs massive rewards programs in month. Other staking and power piggy programs also gives higher interest on crypto as compare to bank.

Bitrue airdrop details

Total prize pool – $10,000 USDT

  1. First 100 users – $20 for new users & $10 for old users on deposit above $100
  2. 100 to 200 users – $10 for new users & $5 for old users on deposit above $100
  3. Remaining users – $4 for new users & $2 for old users on deposit above $100

How to get $3000 sign up bonus and participate in Bitrue airdrop ?

Under this airdrop Bitrue will credit free SEI tokens. Just you need to deposit money in SEI tokens and fill the google docs for confirm participation. Let’s come to the steps :

1. First of all Create new account if don’t have and earn 2x rewards in airdrop. Don’t forget to use Bitrue referral code QTZLTET for grab new user sign up bonus.

2. Visit rewards section and complete tasks one by one. The tasks can give upto $3000 sign up bonus. If you are crypto beginner then deposit at least $100 USDT for unlock $1000 grand prize.

3. Old users can start from this step. Deposit money in SEI tokens worth $100 or exchange from other coins.

4. Open the Participate link

5. Scroll below in docs form and select are you new user or existing user.

6. On next field, Enter your Bitrue account registered email id. And submit it.

Terms and conditions

  • Event period: 10:00 UTC, 14 August – 10:00 UTC, 21 August
  • New user must complete KYC verification for successful participation.
  • Rewards will be distributed after 10 days of event concludes.

xBMAX Airdrop – Free BMAX Tokens on XRP Hold at Bitrue

Free bmax tokens airdrop – Hold xrp coins for 14 days & get assured xBmax tokens. Bitrue conducting airdrops event worth $300,000 for xrp holders.

Previously we seen XRP power piggy featured on our website. At that time 20% annual percent rate given for holding xrp coins on bitrue account.

Again new offer is live for holding XRP coins. Under this airdrop Xbmax tokens will distribute on amount of hold xrp coins for 14 days.

Thinking what is Xbmax tokens. This is option token for Bmax tokens. Once airdrop expire, You can exchange into BMAX tokens.

Under this period your xrp coins will locked. Wants to earn rewards without locking then check out bitrue flexible staking. Let’s come for participate in bitrue airdrop.

How to get free crypto tokens from bitrue airdrop ?

Get free BMAX tokens from Bitrue airdrop is very simple. Just hold XRP coins for 14 days and free assured BMAX tokens will credit. More you hold more you will get .

  1. Not having account on Bitrue then create new account. It will take few minutes.
  2. Use the referral code as  QTZLTET. It will give new user sign up bonus worth $1000 + tasks rewards. Complete the tasks like deposit $100 and unlock $1000 reward and claim welcome bonus.
  3. Deposit or Exchange into XRP coins and Visit the Bitrue XRP Airdrop page [ Click Here ]
  4. Enter locking amount and you will see estimated xBMAX tokens will credit after airdrop over. Its just estimate but depositing more can grab more from $300,000 airdrop.
  5. Everyday one snapshots will taken and more snapshots then more tokens will receive. So don’t wait and lock XRP coins now on Bitrue.
  6. Free xBMAX tokens will distribute from this formula. The final amount of xBMAX airdrop = the amount of XRP locked by the user / the amount of XRP locked by all users * 300,000.
  7. Once airdrop over, After 10 days distribution will complete.

Bitrue×EnglishTV Exclusive Lucky Draw Event

Bitrue×EnglishTV Exclusive Lucky Draw Event


Bitrue lucky draw event – Participate in lucky draw event  at Bitrue & get free $10 on deposit $25. You need to complete small task which is trade at least $500 in future or spots.

The offer is valid for one month only. So hurry up and create new account on Bitrue and get up to $1100 welcome bonus.

Another thing you can earn up to 20% APR (Annual percentage rate) on staking money under power piggy option. Various crypto coins available which giving 20% APR and no lock up period requires, flexible staking and daily rewards will be added to account.

Thinking to switch crypto exchange then Bitrue is currently best option because various ways to earn free crypto coins and low fees platform.

Let’s come to the lucky draw event.

Bitrue Lucky Draw Event

Bitrue lucky draw event for new user along with sign up bonus. For participate in lucky draw event just make new account through below link and complete one simple deposit task.

  • First visit Bitrue through our referral link or use referral code as QTZLTET. Important to track for luck draw winners.
  • Complete sign up process and verify KYC documents. This task will give $1 bonus.

  • Deposit $25 for luck draw but i recommend to deposit $100+ because this will unlock two tasks one is $10 luck draw & $1000 first deposit rewards.
  • Take a future or spot trade of at least $500.
  • Don’t withdraw money until lucky draw rewards credited to account. It will take 7 days after 31st August 2023.
  • There is one more great way to earn massive rewards which is referral program. Visit Bitrue partners option from menu and copy referral code/link. Share this with your friends and earn flat 40% trade commissions lifetime.

Wassup everyone, to celebrate the new milestone I hit on YouTube and Telegram, I have decided to do a $100 airdrop for you guys!

Bitrue×EnglishTV Event Rules

As always, I appreciate the love and support since the beginning

Duration: one month

Prize: $10*10 (I will select 10 random winners that have complete the tasks)

To be eligible for the giveaway:

Signup with my referral link:

  • Deposit at least $25
  • Take a future or spot trade of at least $500
  • Keep assets in your Bitrue account before the campaign ends

PS: For those who sign up under my link, if your account is >$ 50 currently, all you need to do is place a future or spot trade of at least $500 and you will be qualified.

Note: Prize will be distributed in 7d ays when the campaign ends

Bitrue Power Piggy -20% APR for SOL LTC and LINK holders

Singapore-based crypto exchange Bitrue has announced a new power piggy event for new users with up to 20% APR for XRP investors. New users are those who are yet to make an investment in power piggy.

Bitrue Power Piggy– Stake SOL , LTC or LINK crypto coins on Bitrue & earn 20% APR. No any lock up & daily payout. Apart new users can earn $3000 sign up bonus and 40% referral trade commissions.

Several exchanges have listed the SOL, LTC or LINK token. However, Bitrue provides the most lucrative spot for staking your XRP token. The Bitrue Power Piggy event provides an impressive annual percentage rate (APR) of up to 20% which is a perfect chance for investors to profit from their token.

There are two types of staking available on Bitrue while other crypto exchanges gives only one which is lock-up. Bitrue awares new flexible staking on lots of coins. Under which daily payout made and anytime staking coins can withdraw.

Currently Bitrue giving flexible staking on lots of crypto coins. Also highest 20% interest rate can be earn on SOL , LTC and LINK. This is too much as compare to bank interest which deposit interest monthly or quarterly but Bitrue makes daily.

Previously we shared Bitrue XRP power piggy which is almost same and giving same interest rate. Still wants to enjoy same interest on crypto holdings then buy SOL , LTC or LINK coins on Bitrue.

Bitrue Power Piggy

Bitrue Power Piggy gives 20% annual interest and daily interest payouts. There is no lockup period under flexible staking on Bitrue. Let’s come how to get started on Bitrue with massive sign up bonus.

How to get sign up bonus and 20% APR flexible staking on Bitrue ?

1. Visit Bitrue referral link to get sign up bonus. This offer valid only for new users.

2. Claim sign up bonus offer and Enter Bitrue referral code as QTZLTET

3. Visit rewards section and complete one by one tasks. The tasks can give upto $3000 sign up bonus. If you are crypto beginner then deposit at least $100 USDT for unlock $1000 grand prize.

4. For flexible staking you need to visit power piggy under Earn option. Select any coin SOL , LTC or LINK.
5. Enter amount and stake on it. Everyday UTC 16:00. Rewards will be added to your account. Suppose you stake $1000 under LTC with 20% APR then $0.54 will be daily added to your account. Anytime principle amount can be withdrawn.
6. This reward is not locked so you can transfer to other exchange or withdraw to bank account.

Bitrue Offers XRP Investors 20% APR on Their Holdings

Bitrue announces an exclusive Earn Event with up to 20% APR for XRP investors following the success of its Super Power Piggy Event.

Bitrue, a prominent crypto exchange based in Singapore, has announced another exciting opportunity for XRP enthusiasts and investors to earn significant rewards through an exclusive Earn Event.

There is no lock-up period for rewards. Rewards earn from Bitrue power piggy can be daily withdrawal. Its different from other offers where unlocked after lock – up period over.

There is only 1 XRP minimum amount staking is possible and interest will paid daily on 16:00 UTC. 1 XRP is equal to $0.79 which is less than $1 at the time of writing this article. So anyone can start investing under this power piggy event.

Actually, Recently Bitrue and Ripple who owned XRP token has started partnership. Limited number of XRP tokens staking is available in this event so don’t wait and invest in xrp token staking on Bitrue now. Earn never seen interest rate.

Apart from staking, Bitrue also giving huge sign up bonus worth $1036 which can win and claim by completing tasks. Some tasks with high rewards need high deposit but some can claim by complete tasks like kyc , sign up etc.

Bitrue XRP Power Piggy

Bitrue XRP Power Piggy event 2023 for staking crypto. Stake XRP tokens and Earn flat 20% APR daily. No rewards lockup under power piggy on Bitrue.

How to invest on Bitrue staking with new user sign up bonus ?

  • First you need to create new account on Bitrue through referral link. Must use for rewards.
  • It will show bonus offer Claim it. Enter basic details for sign up
  • Enter Bitrue referral code as QTZLTET

  • Once sign up process complete and logged into account. Visit rewards section and complete tasks for earn sign up bonus rewards.

  • I recommend to deposit above $100 USDT to unlock $1000 grand prize and you can invest in staking as well this money.
  • Click on “Earn” from menu >> “Power Piggy”. Under Flexible tabs list of coins will show with mentioned interest rate as APR.
  • Select “XRP” because giving highest return. Here enter amount of XRP wants to stake in power piggy. And join it. Further rewards status will show on this page.

Terms and conditions

  • Rewards Distribution: 16:00 UTC every day
  • Interest calculation: Interest generation will begin one day after investing. The first interest payment will be made two days after investing. No partial interest will be generated when funds are withdrawn in the middle of a day. Interest is calculated between 16:00 ~ 18:00 UTC daily. If funds are unfrozen during the calculation period, they will not generate interest.
  • No Lock-up: Your funds will not be locked so you can opt out anytime you want. You can opt in again as long as there’s cap opening.
  • For this offer, Bitrue guarantees the safety of your principal and earnings.
  • Minimum amount to join: 1 XRP
  • Eligibility: All users are eligible to participate.
  • Final interepretation of this activity belongs to Bitrue. Bitrue reserves the right to adjust the rules of the event at any time based on market and operating conditions.