Bitrue review: $1,036 sign up bonus & 40% invite commissions

Bitrue review – Here is my honest review on Bitrue. How i switched to Bitrue crypto exchange  and got sign up bonus with invite commissions.

First reason to move on Bitrue is couple of features like staking, power piggy. This features gives upto 20% interest rate per year on some coins which is 3x from bank returns.

Another big reason is low trading fees and easy to use interface. Place orders at market price , limits and trigger price. This is still challenging for lots crypto exchanges.

Trading fees is very big problem when you are doing intraday crypto trading. Fees deducts our high portion of profits because on every transaction fees deducts. If margin of fees low then good amount of profits can earn. This can be done via Bitrue only.

Apart from this, New users can get sign up bonus worth $1036 USDT. Massive bonus helps huge if you’re beginner in crypto market.

Bitrue review

As my experience i will share honest Bitrue review and why you should switch to this crypto exchange. Top 5 features we will discuss in this article.

1. Sign up bonus

From long time Bitrue giving upto $1036 sign up bonus rewards. This rewards is divided into some tasks which is too simple.

  1. Complete kyc verification and get $1 trial funds in futures.
  2. Make first deposit above $100 USDT and win upto $1000 ($20 trial funds in futures & $980 in investment)
  3. First future position on $1000 usdt & get $10 trial funds.
  4. Get $2 cash on first spot position on 1000 usdt.
  5. Make 30 days transaction volume above $5000 usdt and get $5 trial funds. Similarly on above $50,000 usdt, $10.
  6. All the rewards will credit in USDT coin.

To get sign up bonus, You need to use Bitrue referral code QTZLTET. Check that post and create account from the steps.

2. Invite commissions

Invite new friends on Bitrue through referral code and earn flat 40% commission on both spot and futures trading. Your friends can earn also sign up bonus rewards.

After login navigate to the profile icon and select Bitrue partners from drop down list. This is section where invite commission can manage. Simply copy referral link or code and share with friends. When your friends do trading flat 40% fees will earn in your usdt coins.

3. Staking

Staking is the option where stake money on any favorite coin and get guaranteed returns. Currently more than 201 million usdt already staked on Bitrue and more than $10 million rewards distributed and $1 million in BMAX.

Click on “Earn” tab from menu and select staking. Here check list of coins which are giving highest returns percentage in APY. Stake the money in coin and earn higher returns without doing anything.

4. Power piggy

Power piggy under daily interest rate can earn competitive rewards daily. It means daily interest will be added. There is no lockup period so invested amount can also withdraw anytime.

Simply visit power piggy option from menu. Select flexible or lockup tab >> coins and invest it. Daily rewards will be started adding to your account.

5. Crypto loan

Borrow money in your USDT, BTC, XRP or ETH crpyto coin. There is no delivery deadline but interest should pay daily. This allows you to continue to hold the rights to your digital currency while freeing up working capital for immediate projects.


This all top features available on single website and manage from one platform. Coins can be transfer from one product to another so without cashout invest in different options.