Bitrue Power Piggy -20% APR for SOL LTC and LINK holders

Singapore-based crypto exchange Bitrue has announced a new power piggy event for new users with up to 20% APR for XRP investors. New users are those who are yet to make an investment in power piggy.

Bitrue Power Piggy– Stake SOL , LTC or LINK crypto coins on Bitrue & earn 20% APR. No any lock up & daily payout. Apart new users can earn $3000 sign up bonus and 40% referral trade commissions.

Several exchanges have listed the SOL, LTC or LINK token. However, Bitrue provides the most lucrative spot for staking your XRP token. The Bitrue Power Piggy event provides an impressive annual percentage rate (APR) of up to 20% which is a perfect chance for investors to profit from their token.

There are two types of staking available on Bitrue while other crypto exchanges gives only one which is lock-up. Bitrue awares new flexible staking on lots of coins. Under which daily payout made and anytime staking coins can withdraw.

Currently Bitrue giving flexible staking on lots of crypto coins. Also highest 20% interest rate can be earn on SOL , LTC and LINK. This is too much as compare to bank interest which deposit interest monthly or quarterly but Bitrue makes daily.

Previously we shared Bitrue XRP power piggy which is almost same and giving same interest rate. Still wants to enjoy same interest on crypto holdings then buy SOL , LTC or LINK coins on Bitrue.

Bitrue Power Piggy

Bitrue Power Piggy gives 20% annual interest and daily interest payouts. There is no lockup period under flexible staking on Bitrue. Let’s come how to get started on Bitrue with massive sign up bonus.

How to get sign up bonus and 20% APR flexible staking on Bitrue ?

1. Visit Bitrue referral link to get sign up bonus. This offer valid only for new users.

2. Claim sign up bonus offer and Enter Bitrue referral code as QTZLTET

3. Visit rewards section and complete one by one tasks. The tasks can give upto $3000 sign up bonus. If you are crypto beginner then deposit at least $100 USDT for unlock $1000 grand prize.

4. For flexible staking you need to visit power piggy under Earn option. Select any coin SOL , LTC or LINK.
5. Enter amount and stake on it. Everyday UTC 16:00. Rewards will be added to your account. Suppose you stake $1000 under LTC with 20% APR then $0.54 will be daily added to your account. Anytime principle amount can be withdrawn.
6. This reward is not locked so you can transfer to other exchange or withdraw to bank account.