Grid Trading Limited Time Offer: Get up to 10000 USDT subsidy

Grid Trading is a tool that can boosts user trading frequency, assisting users to buy low and sell high automatically while enabling KOLs to earn more commissions.

The Grid Trading exclusive subsidy program is live!

Create your exclusive event link, refer your followers to create a BingX account and use Grid Trading to get up to 10,000 USDT subsidy!

No. of Valid Grid Referees Grid Subsidy (USDT)
5 30
15 100
50 400
100 1,000
500 5,000
1,000 10,000

👉🏻 Click to register for the event!

A BingX representative will reach out to you within 24 hours to assist you in setting up your exclusive Grid Trading event page.

Event Rules:

1. For more details, please refer to the example here: Grab Grid Trading Subsidy Voucher With 0 Requirements, Trade to Earn Extra Airdrops!

2. Definition of Valid Grid Referees: New users who created a BingX account through the KOL's exclusive Grid Trading event page during the event and achieved a Grid Trading volume of ≥ 10 USDT (includes Spot Grid/Futures Grid/Spot Infinity Grid). KYC verification is required.

3. To join the Grid Trading subsidy program, KOLs need to register by 2024-06-22 and launch their exclusive Grid Trading event by 2024-06-30. The event period should not exceed 30 days.