BingX Spot Will Be Listed Smart Layer Network(SLN) Coin

Dear Users,
Due to popular demand. BingX Spot will add trading pair on 2024-03-01, 09:00:00 (UTC+0).
• Asset: SLN
• Trading Pair: SLN/USDT
• SLN Deposit Time: 2024-03-01, 06:00:00 (UTC+0)
• SLN Withdrawal Time: 2024-03-01, 09:00:00 (UTC+0)

What is Smart Layer Network(SLN) Coin?

The Smart Layer Network will deliver a new wave of digital asset value creation on EVM. It is a decentralized services network that supports all EVM chains and will enable the scaling of Smart Tokens adoption (Executable Tokens and NFTs).
  • Smart Token: Smart Token is a programmable blockchain-based entity that encapsulates business logic, enabling complex interactions with various systems and other tokens in a self-contained, interoperable format.
  • Tokenisation: Tokenisation transforms goods, services, and digital rights into programmable tokens, enabling seamless integration, frictionless market, and user empowerment across digital environments.

Features of Smart Layer

  • Decentralized integration: The project is designed to solve the integration problem in the digital environment, providing a modern decentralized integration layer, fast command processing. This helps prevent website interference by third parties or hackers.
  • Using blockchain technology: Smart Layer uses blockchain technology to create a trusted integration layer, thereby committing to protecting the privacy and safety of participants in the integration and interaction process on the web.
  • Website tokenization: The platform focuses on creating a tokenized web, where token logic can operate without the need for trust. Smart Layer wants to open up unlimited integration and manage token-related operations such as accounting, issuance, withdrawal and expiration… at a single platform.
  • Protecting privacy and security: The project focuses on ensuring user privacy and security during online integration and transactions, while keeping customer data off the blockchain.
  • Scalability: The system is designed to meet the growing needs of partners and end users. The project possesses unlimited scalability and is continuously upgraded by the development team.
  • Encourage community contributions: By using Smart Layer Tokens, Smart Layer encourages service nodes and anchor nodes to participate and contribute resources to the ecosystem. The project's incentive mechanism ensures the stable and strong development of the entire network in the context of countless new projects being born.

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How it works

  • Smart Layer is a token-driven network node service. SLN tokens drive operations, incentivizing nodes to contribute resources and execute service-level agreements. Smart Layer Network operates through three main components:
  • Blockchain: Blockchain provides smart contracts to enforce token transaction rules and maintain storage of evidence and history of transactions and token conversions for later user inspection.
  • Anchoring nodes: Anchor nodes are run by multiple organizations elected by the DAO. Thereby maintaining stability, security and the goal of providing services to users of the entire network. The development team is committed to storing a large number of proof copies online for convenience during user testing.
  • Service nodes: Smart Layer's system includes nodes that distribute work and services through a hash function distribution table. This helps the platform provide TokenAPIs, supporting smoother, more secure integration.
  • Service nodes in Smart Layer receive Smart Layer Tokens to make payments through API and smart contracts. Nodes mount, monitor and maintain network stability, record commitments and audit service nodes. These three components cooperate, increasing flexibility and ensuring the safety and efficiency of the platform.

SLN token information

  • Token name: Smart Layer
  • Symbol: SLN
  • Total supply: 100,000,000 SLN
  • Contract address: 0xDb82c0d91E057E05600C8F8dc836bEb41da6df14


  • CEO and co-founder: Victor Zhang.
  • CTO and co-founder: Weiwu Zhang.
  • Lead developer and co-founder: James Brown.
  • Head of Marketing: Brent Annells.
  • Strategy expert: Mathew Sweezey.
1. Please make sure that the selected chain or network on BingX is consistent with the platform you're performing the withdrawal or deposit to avoid unnecessary losses.
2. The platform will automatically adjust the relevant parameter limits for spot trading based on market liquidity. If you have any questions, please contact our 24/7 online support.
3. The listing time specified in the announcement is for reference only. We will open the trading service once the deposit requirement for the above asset is met. The actual opening time shall prevail.